Each of our photographs tell a story of rugged exploration and undaunted pursuit. we share the story behind each photo we shoots, from the adventures we experience to the exact camera settings used to capture the shot. We offer both commercial and creative photography to fulfill our client needs.

Your clients and customers are searching for something original. Create the experience they're expecting with photography that tells a story better than any of your competitors. Every image captures an element not seen in any other body of work. "I've never seen it like that before", is a common expression by many of our clients.

Our biggest goal is to invite viewers into the same life-changing moments we experience at each location we shoot. Our images convey a depth of energy and emotion that viewers often describe as powerful and moving. To learn more about our photography services please contact us.



Jewellery Photography  
Whether you are looking a professional headshot or planning your next big corporate shoot, Search plus is ready to deliver the best possible results for your business. 

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